Do you struggle to keep your Cat entertained? Or maybe you want to keep them happy while you are out of the house.

Look no further! Our Automatic Laser Toy will keep your Feline Friend happy for hours on end!

Bring the CRAZY out of your Cat!

Introducing a state of the art, high quality automatic laser toy that will KEEP YOUR CAT ACTIVE AND PLAYFUL for as long as you want!


NO MORE crazy cats before bed!

NO MORE feeling sorry for when you leave them at home alone!

NO MORE excessive meowing from them wanting attention!

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  • Kamille O.

    I usually do not buy from facebook but this backpack was really what I was looking for so I gave it a try AND OMG. This is amazing, I love love love it!! I use it for transport a lot and when I went to the vet, everybody asked me about my backpack. ♡

  • Brigitt I.

    Shipping took a little long but as soon as it arrived my Cat loved it! ♡

  • Caroline K.

    Panda loves his backpack it's like his spaceship and he's the catstronaut! He would get anxiety going outside with all the hustle and bustle but now he has his own safe spot wherever he goes. ♡

  • Luke A.

    Grabbing the Wall Groomer was the best decision I made for my Cat. He is ALWAYS entertained and I have to groom him about 3x less. ♡

  • Samantha J.

    All I have to say about the beds are OBSESSED! ♡

  • Rachel L.

    Shipping took about 2 weeks but it was well worth the wait for the Cat Sleeping Bag. ♡