About Us

Who are we?

Lazy Cat is a small company based in Ontario, Canada that strive to offer the highest quality of Feline items/supplies. We too in our personal lives are Cat Lovers and we want to share with the world the same experiences that we were able to have with our Cats. 

We all have to accept that sometimes out Furry Friend is just a lazy cat. They don't enjoy going outside, moving around often and just sleep all day! Well it's time to give in and embrace their lazy side! 

But on top of that, we also help owners that feel their cat is just a bit too lazy and want to change their lifestyle. - There is no better feeling than being able to bring your loved pet with you anywhere you desire. Whether its a quick trip to the grocery, a 5km hike or even an 8 hour plane ride, our Adventure Bags give your cats not only what they deserve but also what they NEED.