What are the beds made of?

ALL of our beds are made from 100% Cotton and lined with a High Quality Soft Plush.


 Is catnip included with the Wall-Groomer?

YES, a small bag of catnip is included with every purchase of the Wall-Groomer. And each purchase comes with TWO (2) Pieces.


Can I use these bags for Plane Travel?

YES! You most definitely can use our bags for plane travel. Just be sure to check your Airline's Pet Travel Requirements to be sure that the dimensions fit!


What is the average shipping time on items?

We ship INTERNATIONALLY between 8-20 days. If the package takes longer than the stated delivery time, you will receive special benefits on our website.


Can I use these bags for my dog?

Of course! Many of our customers use our Adventure Bags for their *small* dogs. 


How can I get in contact with support if I have any questions?

You can always send us an email at info@lazycat.com and responses typically take around 1-2 hours via email.